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Forget-Me-Knot is a short video game in which the player embodies the character of an elderly man, Harold. Confined to the living room that has become his world, the player shares his confusion and disability.

 Through a series of interactions with objects in his environment, it becomes apparent that Harold is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease - affording the player the insight into his condition which Harold himself lacks. The game aims to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease and provide a first-person perspective of living with this condition.

The original prototype was developed in 2015 for my 4th Year Honours Project at Abertay University in the legacy games engine UDK.

This version has been re-built in Unreal Engine 4 to allow players to experience a downloadable interactive version.

Take your time, listen to each storybeat fully before progressing.


Forget-Me-Knot.zip 325 MB

Install instructions

  1. Extract ForgetMeKnot.zip
  2. Open the ForgetMeKnot folder
  3. Open the WindowsNoEditor folder
  4. Double-click the ForgetMeKnot Application to launch


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don't know what the controls are. I read the typewriter paper but then it just stuck there and I couldn't put the paper back down.

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good story deep


Thank you for taking the time to play it and for your kind feedback!


Developer's Note/ Spoiler:

There are 10 items to interact with before the Handkerchief spawns on the coffee table, these are:

  • Telephone
  • Typewriter
  • Pill Tube
  • Embroidered Dog Portrait
  • Wedding Photo
  • Graduation Photo
  • Pocket Watch
  • Card
  • Lighthouse Model
  • Family Health Book